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“You have changed my life!!” ~ SG, West Houston

“This is the best money I have ever spent!” ~ SG, Bellaire

"We have been luxuriating in our oasis of a bedroom...we feel like adults again...Hooray, I feel free!...thank you for your time, expertise and good spirits...you are simply awesome!" ~ RF, West University

"Not only did I have a great time, but months later, I am still so organized!” ~ DI, River Oaks

“Thank you so much for your presentation today! You were great on so many levels…your specific advice was great, your philosophy was great, and your positive attitude of what’s really important in life was a terrific message. You are a real treasure!” ~ EL, West University

"Thank you for everything you've done to help me bring peace to our home...You are awesome!" ~ KT, West University

“You have provided me the means to be my best self!” ~ DW, Bellaire

“I could go to months of therapy and it would never give me the peace of mind that organizing with you has given me.” ~ DL, Bellaire

“None of my coworkers can believe how easy it has been for me to maintain what you set up for me. It’s been over a year now…I can’t believe it myself!” ~ KS, West University

“You are always so positive and encouraging! Even better, you taught me how to be organized, which no one had ever done for me before!” ~ DF, Memorial

“Thank you for helping to make my assistant a true partner in the work we do together. Since your sessions with her, my productivity, and hers, have increased significantly.” ~ CF, Memorial

“The work we did together really changed my life - I feel like a whole new, organized, less stressed world opened up for me! Thank you!” ~ LW, West University

“You are a treasure! The way you make me laugh while we’re organizing turns what I thought would be a hellish experience into one I always look forward to!” ~ KK, Oak Forest

"I can’t believe how much fun we had going through, and getting rid of, all my ‘stuff’! I never thought I would learn so much, let alone enjoy myself, organizing.” ~ DP, Meyerland

“I feel like singin’ a James Brown song: 'I FEEL GOOD'!" ~ SS, Greenway Plaza

"I’m amazed at the transformation that happened in our living/dining/sunrooms in just a few short hours. The ideas you came up with would never have occurred to us! (We’re using the remodel money for a much-needed vacation home purchase instead - THANKS!)" ~ JT & MT, Old Braeswood

“Marcie doesn’t tell you what to throw away, she helps you decide what you really value and want to keep” ~ CB, Memorial

“You have such great, creative ideas for how to manage all of my boys’ stuff!" ~ MR, West University

“Marcie taught me that organization is about putting things in places that make sense, so that you can return to them when you need them. What a time-saver not searching everywhere for everything, and money-saver not buying replacements for things we already own!” ~ TS, Memorial

“Thank you for helping me with my office. I am so very very happy and am now able to use my space which before was cluttered and unusable. I truly appreciate your talents. Plus, it was so much fun working with you!” ~ AR, Tanglewood

“I love, love, love my office! And so does everyone else…we hold our department meetings in here now. Thanks so much!” ~ KN, Midtown

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