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This just in, Houston: Ship Shape Houston is staging a Frank Lloyd Wright home! Please click HERE for all the details.

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Will Rogers famously said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression," and never is that quite so true as when your home is on the market. Studies show that potential buyers subconsciously make up their minds about a home within 60 seconds of walking through the front door.

Why do I need to stage my home?

Home buying is often an emotional decision – buyers consistently say things like “it just felt like home!” If your home is too personal, too cluttered, or not arranged to show its best potential, people will be turned off and move on to the next listing. The easier it is for people to imagine themselves living in your home, the more likely it is that they will make an offer.

Additionally, Staged Homes sell faster – this means less time for you to have to pay that mortgage! They also sell for more money, because buyers see a move-in-ready, beautiful home. Staged homes look better in the MLS photos, which brings in more potential buyers.

The Real Estate Market in the Houston area is great! Why do I need to stage my home?

Because 10 offers on your home are better than 3! With a well-staged home, getting multiple offers is quite common, because multiple buyers feel like your home is perfect for them; and when you get multiple offers, your selling price increases, and you make more money!

Can’t buyers just figure out what they can do with a room?

Actually, over 80% of buyers have a hard time visualizing a property’s potential. An empty room almost always looks smaller than it really is. An expertly staged home accentuates the positives, and minimizes the property’s problem areas.

What does staging of my home entail?

Staging starts with a consultation, which can include room function assessment, maintenance/home improvement suggestions, and de-cluttering recommendations.

The second act involves a more detailed, hands-on approach, which can include paint color advice, simplifying assistance, furniture layouts, accessories/art/greenery relocations and procurement, landscaping suggestions, and style-appropriate furniture rental, as needed. I know that buyers are looking for a lifestyle in their home – and I know how to appeal to the widest audience for your home.

Can’t I just stage my own home?

Of course you can. However, there are times when it’s better to bring in a professional with expertise. I bring a fresh, objective, trained eye to staging your home. I will see and solve problems that you long ago stopped noticing – issues that careful buyers will inevitably notice, and that will cost you in their offer. I also see your property’s full potential and know how to bring it to fruition for a minimum cost.

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