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Ship Shape Houston

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- Residential and Small Business

- Custom Organizational and Storage solutions, designed to meet your unique needs

- Clutter, Time, and Mail Management

- One Day Redecorating, using what you already have and love (see the Redesign page for more information)

- Residential Move Management (see the Move Management page for more information)

- Custom Filing Systems that make sense and are easy to maintain

- Reorganized closets that make getting dressed easy and fun

- Logically organized kitchens where cooking is a breeze

- Children’s Rooms you can leave open all the time

- Bathrooms that function like they should

- Playrooms where kids can become part of the solution, not the problem

- Great Rooms for families to enjoy together, for all the purposes they need to serve

- Green organizing – from using products the client already has, to re-using items in ways that help save clients’ money, and save the Earth!

- Other Services and Specialties:

- Donations of cast offs to charitable organizations – you let it go, and it disappears that very day, without any more effort from you!

- Seasonal appointments available for Garages and Attics

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Marcie Baker Turrin, CPO, IRN
Ship Shape Houston

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